Retail Sales

The TO GO Chart, Video 3 in the TAG series

I’ve used this method for more than 20 years, its never failed. It’s very simple but has 4 major impacts on team focus and behavior! Especially negative behavior. Sign up for the Revenue Newsletter and receive revenue generating hints, tips and techniques Please enter your name. Please enter a valid email address. Sign Up! Something went wrong. Please…

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Its a count down, Video 2 in the TAG series

It’s a count down! I describe in my book how big targets can feel like hard work, its a money mountain. And when something FEEL hard, people quit. So, how can I make targets FEEL easy so come the end of the week and the final push to hit the target is exciting, fast and…

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Retail is Easy – at the right time

Retailing is easy, at the right time   Retailing is easy when you know how to do it.   However, if a team member doesn’t know how, it can also feel stressful, frustrating and difficult, especially if staff FEEL the pressure to hit targets with performance reviews and daily targets. And that can create the…

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