Late Cancellations and No Shows


I'm Caroline Turner and I've been a revenue, money trainer in salons and spas across the world since 1999.

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Cancellations at the last minute or clients not showing up can be not just frustrating but dangerous for peoples job security and the businesses long term future.

There is nothing more frustrating then looking at the day with a feeling of "its gonna be a great day" to getting part way through and feeling gutted as gaps appear or appointments turn red showing a "No Show"

I created the video in the hope if we can educate clients, appeal too them emotionally we can reduce the number of late cancellations and no shows in your business. It is my gift to you in the sincere hope it can assist you.

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Sign up for the Revenue Newsletter and receive revenue generating hints, tips and techniques

We're in the business of people!

Understanding peoples behaviour in my humble opinion is the key.  it's always the key, from staff to clients, any relationship, lets be honest.

There's no point in complaining, bitching or moaning, that's not going to solve it or make us feel any better about it. We as an industry have an issue with our clients unwanted behaviour, so how do we fix it?

We have to get clever, and change the behaviour.

So, here are my top tips, technquies to assist you in reducing the bahaviour. Reducing, we can never get rid of the behaviour completely. But we can change behaviour of some people and take control with our business policies.

Clients won't respect the appointment if they don't care!

And that's the point of the video, clients hurt us when they don't turn up. We have to get their brain working to have emotions!

70% of a decision, whether calling us or buying is emotional, people, clients take action when they get FEELINGS.

I studied Neurological (brain) Marketing back in 2016 at a university level. I won't bore you with all the reasons it work, just it works.

In the video we have a mix of clever marketing geared to getting clients to feel emotions.

From the red lettering, the children, the people who didn't show up for "no good reason". The doctor, baby and car broken down. Everything selected for a specific reason to get people to FEEL.

I'm creating a mix of anger from loyal clients "how could people do that to you".

Embarrassment from those who have done it, "I feel bad because I let you down"

Sadness that is hurts the people in the salon or spa with a final plea "please" respect our time.

If we want to change the behaviour we need to get people to FEEL.

How would I use the video?

I'd schedule the video to be posted DAILY forever (or until I make a new one)! That may seem extreme but here's why;

  1. Not everyone will see the post AND we have new views and likes on going, so post it daily. 

  2. Regular visitors may decide not to watch AGAIN but... The brain (subconsciously) will remember how it felt, whether sad, embarrassed or mad and so changing / improving client behaviour "I must respect your time".

  3. Post once a week with the video.

    Something like this;

    "we would like to thank all of the wonderful clients who took the time to call us and re-booked this week.

    As a thank you we've given you a bonus loyalty point and given to XYZ charity.

    When someone doesn't show up or cancels at the last minute it can really hurts the salon and the teams job security, so we are so grateful when you call.

    That call makes such a difference to us, so thank you

    This weeks no shows without calling – 5

    Tell the story, why its so important to call and how much you appreciate it.

    The point is to mix up the pain & pleasure principle, the mirror effect, storytelling, emotional reading and The Tribe Effect.

For more In-Depth detail on why it works watch or read "Can we reduce no shows and late cancellations?


Make calling a pleasure


The pleasure-pain principle was originally published by Sigmund Freud in modern psychoanalysis but can be traced back to as early as 300 BC.

Put simply, human beings SEEK pleasure but avoid perceived pain.

 If calling us to cancel is "perceived" pain, they won't call!

We need to remove the pain!

All those reasons a client didn't turn up "I didn't get the text" "you must have book it wrong".

Those clients are potentially avoiding perceived pain by shifting the blame. Which can be very annoying!

My top tip would be to link calling with instant gratification, pleasure.

Two ways to give pleasure 

A thank you bonus loyalty point for themselves or and link to local charities, a giving scheme.


Client loyalty point


By giving the client a bonus point has 2 interesting effects.

1 – There's a pleasure reason to call, bingo!

2 – Giving bonus loyalty points fits in with artificial advancement marketing (people return, rebook faster).

The Charity Link

This is a style of neurological marketing.

In short, ever noticed if you buy a brand of nappies / diapers the company will give to a charity? Ever been at the checkout and offered school vouchers or plastic coins to put into a clear box supporting local charities? Yes, it is marketing.

It’s a way to decrease the pain of spending and give pleasure by helping others.

Consider - Setting up that clients get a bonus point for giving more notice, say 24 - 48 hours plus the charity point, and then reduce to just the charity if under a time limit, for example 5 hours (still time to fill the appointment, IF they call).

Terms and Conditions would be needed, such as a limit to 3 separate appointment points over a set time frame (so they can't keep booking and canceling to get the reward).

The key is time, if I have time I have the chance to fill the slot.


Repeat Offenders

Have a policy in place that is on the website and price list, and enforced it.

I would consider the appropriate choice technique. Because I don't want to go into battle with clients but I ALSO want to be in control.

This technique allows the client to feel they have a choice as adults don't like being told what to do, but as an owner I'm still in charge.

Whether the policy is 3 repeat last minute cancellations or no shows within a time frame then the appropriate choice would kick in.

The client can either;

Only make appointments on the day they want or they will need to pay a non-refundable deposit for a future appointment.

For example "Mrs Jones over the last x weeks you gave us less than x hours notice so we have 2 choices, we can either take a non refundable deposit if you want a specific day and time or you can call us on the day, which would you prefer?

By giving the client a choice it reduces conflict, of course the client may go for one other choice and not return, and that's sometimes a good thing.

Repeat offenders are often transaction clients, have little or no loyalty, are often highly demanding expecting everything for nothing and often are late or just don't turn up. They don't care and we can't make them care about the business, the team or you as the owner.

We can all be transaction consumers at some point. Brain wise...

Sign up for the Revenue Newsletter and receive revenue generating hints, tips and techniques

Sign up for the Revenue Newsletter and receive revenue generating hints, tips and techniques

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