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I recieved a message this week from my website security provider informing me of changes that are about to happen with Google.


On approximately January 31st of this month, version 56 of the Chrome web browser will be released. There is a significant change in the way it displays websites that are not using HTTPS, also known as SSL. This change may confuse your site visitors or surprise you if you are not expecting it.

In an upcoming release Google Chrome will label all non-HTTPS pages in incognito mode as “Not secure” because users using this mode have an increased expectation of privacy.

The final step in the staged rollout will be that Chrome will label all plain HTTP pages as “Not secure”. It will look like this:

by Mark Maunder, Wordfence


Whilst Mark goes on to explain the focus is to sites where a person can login or enter a credit card to make a purchase my reason for sharing with you is simple;


If at the top of YOUR website is a BIG warning sign in RED saying NOT SECURE based on my knowledge of Neurological marketing...


It WILL put people off staying on the site.


With so many cyber attacks going on and more people being aware of their online security having a BIG not secure on a site will be an issue for businesses, I believe.


Whether you monitor your website to see if the warning sign appears or you contact your website host or designer the solution is simple, set up SSL on your system.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.


In doing this, which is simple and with some hosting companies free you will be ready for the change coming at the end of the month.


With so many people searching online the last thing anyone needs is a BIG DANGER sign before the potential client has even viewed your website.


I have another article on website design looking at how to keep potential clients on your site - What makes the perfect WEBSITE DESIGN for salons and spas


IMG_7461 (2)

If you have SSL on your website it will look like the above, with google stating in GREEN - SECURE with a locked padlock and the letter https

Make sure you're ready.

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